K&N Air Filter For Toyota Revo & Fortuner (2015-2021)

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K&N Air Filter Increase Horsepower with up to 50% More Airflow

K&N automotive OE (original equipment) replacement air filters for toyota revo and fortuner generally add 1 to 4 horsepower, due to the unique characteristics of our filter media. K&N air filter media was originally developed for desert motocross racing.

K&N air filters were created for an environment that required maximum horsepower and acceleration while protecting the engine from the dirt and dust of off-road racing. This resulted in an air filter designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while protecting your engine for the life of your vehicle.

K&N washable and reusable air filters are made up of four to six layers of cotton gauze layered between two sheets of epoxy-coated wire mesh. The media is pleated and oiled to enhance overall filtration and performance.

Washable High-Flow Cotton Filter Media

K&N washable and reusable air filters are handmade in the USA using only the finest materials. It is almost impossible to wash your K&N air filter or air cleaner too much.

K&N washed and re-oiled one K&N air filter more than 100 times, inside our testing laboratory, and it still performs up to specification.

K&N air filters can go up to 50,000 miles between cleaning, depending on your driving conditions. To clean and re-oil your K&N air filter, use a K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit and use the easy to follow instructions.

10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty

K&N warrants its street vehicle OE (original equipment) replacement air filters for one million miles. If used properly and found to be defective, return your filter with the receipt from purchase and K&N will replace it free of charge. Incorrect Cleaning or Use Voids Warranty.

How To Clean K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters should be cleaned every 50,000 miles for normal highway use, more often in dusty conditions. Cleaning should be done with K&N cleaner and air filter oil (or comparable air filter cleaner and oil). Use of compressed air, or chemicals not specifically designed to clean and re-oil cotton air filters (i.e. gasoline, transmission fluid, motor oil, lightweight oil, or diesel fuel) will void the warranty. Any damaged, abused or modified K&N Air Filters will not be warranted.



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