Best Inverter AC in Pakistan 2020-2021

Best Inverter AC in Pakistan 2020 2

Best Inverter AC In Pakistan 2020 Review

We have ranked some of the best inverter ac in Pakistan in the year 2020 to make the purchasing decision much easier for our consumers to what to look for in an inverter ac in Pakistan. The best inverter ac in Pakistan should not only consist of features including their specifications, performance but after-sales service as well. After all, what’s the benefit of buying the best ac in the market if you are not getting any after-sales support from the manufacturer.

Therefore, we have ranked the top 7 best inverter ac brands and their top of the line variants that we think are the best in terms of energy efficiency and after-sales support. However, its important that customers need to do their homework before purchasing any inverter ac in Pakistan and ensure that they are purchasing from an authorized dealer whether its an online e-commerce website or from a display store so that they can assist the customer to resolve their complaints when the time comes.

7. Hisense Inverter AC

Hisense has its presence in Pakistan for quite some time now and has been selling LED in Pakistan through its dealer network across Pakistan. Recently, Hisense launched their Inverter AC in Pakistan which included there two main variants i.e 60 Percent and 75 Percent Models which will be available in 1 and 1.5 Ton Capacity. 60% Variant is an entry-level variant and is doing very well from the launch especially due to their price point and good specifications which make it a good choice in terms of overall value for money.

However, the best inverter ac launched by Hisense is their 75% variant model which is available in 1 and 1.5 Ton capacity and is doing extremely well due to their specifications and features. Hisense 75% Saving Model is also considered to be a great option due to an EER of 3.6 with a dual rotary compressor and some of the best specifications that are very difficult to find in the price bracket of what Hisense is currently offering.

Moreover, Hisense is not a new player in the Air Conditioning Industry as well. They were the first company to enter the field of Inverter AC technology in China and have spent millions of dollars in the development and promotion of inverter ac technology. Therefore, Consumers in Pakistan can invest in Hisense Inverter AC without any risk. Hisense Inverter AC in Pakistan also comes with a 10 Year Compressor and 2 Year Parts Warranty.

Our Recommendations:

Buy Now: Hisense 1 Ton 75% HBV1200HC 

Buy Now: Hisense 1.5 Ton 75% HBV1800HC

6. Gree Fairy Inverter AC:

Gree is one of the few companies in Pakistan that really knows how to market their product and their products especially their Inverter AC are always in demand due to their right marketing and tight production.

Gree Inverter AC has two main variants available in Pakistan which are the Cozy G10 Series and Fairy Series. The main difference is energy efficiency as the fairy is a better inverter ac considering the specifications, features, and especially EER and SEER of Gree Fairy. Overall, Gree Fairy is also better in terms of complaint ratio. Gree G10 initially had coil leakage complaints. However, the issue was resolved by Gree with their current models.

Apart from being better in terms of their EER and SEER Ratings, Customers also have the option to chose from Wifi and Non-Wifi Variants in Fairy Series. Moreover, Gree Pakistan has also started claiming Gree Fairy as a full dc inverter ac. Previously, Gree Viola Series was a full dc inverter ac but due to the unavailability of this series Gree Pakistan has started promoting their fairy series lineup as their flagship model which is quite evident from their new marketing campaigns. Whether a full dc or not, Gree Fairy is definitely the best inverter ac by gree and is something we can strongly recommend.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Gree Fairy 1 Ton 12FITH Wifi

Buy Now: Gree Fairy  1.5 Ton 18FITH Wifi

Buy Now: Gree Fairy 2 Ton 24FITH Wifi

5. Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioner

Finally, Panasonic Inverter AC in Pakistan is now officially available which means that customers will be able to get proper after-sales support and the best thing is after-sales support is being provided by PEL which will definitely help Panasonic to increase their market share. Previously, prospective customers wanted to buy Panasonic inverter air conditioners but due to poor or no after-sales support in Pakistan, Customers had to consider other options which will not be the case anymore.

Previously, Panasonic Inverter AC in Pakistan were all CBU Units which increased their cost but now they are being assembled in Pakistan which has helped to reduce their cost drastically without compromising on the quality, efficiency, and overall durability of these amazing inverter air conditioners. Due to an amazing price point, customers have got an amazing option to chose from and that too with much better after-sales support.

Moreover, Panasonic Inverter AC is all equipped with T3 Compressor, Turbo Cooling, 100% Copper Coil, and a Free Installation Kit that you will not find with any imported air conditioner brand in Pakistan which makes a great choice for customers.

Our Recommendation: 

Buy Now: Panasonic 1 Ton Inverter AC 

Buy Now: Panasonic 1.5 Ton Inverter AC 

Buy Now: Panasonic 2 Ton Inverter AC 

4. Pel Jumbo 

PEL has worked really hard to market their inverter air conditioners in Pakistan and they have pretty much succeeded by launching some top-notch inverter ac in Pakistan which includes FIT, Apex, and Jumbo to name a few. Pel is one of the few companies in Pakistan who have gone the extra mile and have provided the SEER and EER ratings on all of their models which will help the customer to chose from their wide variety of inverter air conditioners according to their budget.

One Inverter AC that stands out in PEL Lineup is their Jumbo Inverter AC which PEL claims to be a full dc inverter ac and has a SEER Rating of 4.30 and EER Rating of 3.8 which is very close to Kenwood Esmart Lineup. However, this is a very small difference and because of the amazing after-sales services of PEL and good price point, Pel Jumbo Inverter AC in Pakistan will create its market slowly but surely. Moreover, Pel Jumbo Lineup is also equipped with T3 Compressors including 1 Ton which is quite difficult to find nowadays.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Pel Jumbo 1 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: Pel Jumbo 1.5 Ton Inverter AC    

3. Sharp Inverter AC 

Sharp Inverter AC in Pakistan are doing really well for the last 2-3 Years in Pakistan and is steadily increasing its market share due to their quality and low complaint ratio and a better after-sales support than other manufacturers. Although, its an aluminum coil which has a limited life compared to copper coils,  it is considerably better than the third graded copper coils being used by manufacturers which get leaked very often whereas the aluminum coils being used in Sharp Inverter AC are surprisingly very good and we have got excellent feedback from customers regarding their performance and life cycle.

Sharp Inverter Air Conditioners has also got one of the lowest complaint ratios in Pakistan making a great choice for customers. Moreover, Sharp Inverter AC will also be a good option especially for prospective customers who live near Sea or areas where they face moisture and corrosion issues. has been selling Sharp Inverter Air Conditioners for a few years now and we are quite satisfied and so are our customers.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Sharp 1 Ton AHX12SEV

Buy Now: Sharp 1.5 Ton 18SEV

Buy Now: Sharp 2 Ton AHXP24SHV

2. Kenwood eSmart Inverter AC

Kenwood Inverter AC in Pakistan is definitely one of the best inverter AC in Pakistan in terms of sales and are one of the few companies that have given customers the flexibility to choose from 3 different variants of Inverter AC according to their budget. Kenwood Inverter Air conditioners are available in 60% Saving, 75% Saving, and their flagship variant which is Full DC Inverter AC known as 75% Esmart.

Although their after-sales service was a major concern and different forums are full of complaints where customers have expressed anger over their after-sales support. However, Kenwood Pakistan has recently invested a lot in their after-sales department and a new team is onboard which has helped Kenwood Pakistan in terms of complaint ratios and the results are definitely showing.

There are so many options for customers to chose from Kenwood inverter ac lineup but if we would have to suggest our customers choose one that has to be Kenwood Esmart 75% Full DC Inverter AC which is selling like crazy these days especially their 1.5 and 2 Ton Variants. If customers can stretch their budget then Kenwood Esmart is one of the best options to choose from.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: Kenwood 1838S Esmart Plus 1.5 Ton 75% Saving Full DC

Buy Now: Kenwood 2438 Esmart Plus 2 Ton 75% Saving Full DC 

1. O General Inverter AC

O General Inverter Air Conditioners are arguably one of the best inverter ac in Pakistan considering the quality and reliability of their manufacturer Fujitsu General. O General Inverter AC is made in Japan and is being assembled in Thailand. However, there are only a few variants available in Pakistan including 1.5, 2 and 2.5 Ton Inverter AC. Warranty being offered in Pakistan is 1 Year but there is a very strong cult following for O General Inverter AC in Pakistan and those who have previous experience with this brand will always opt for O General irrespective of the price especially considering the longevity and performance of this air conditioner.

However, There are fake O General Inverter AC available in Pakistan so customers really need to make sure that the product that they are buying is genuine. There is also a Pakistani company operating by the name similar to 0 General but that is not O General and is totally a different brand. Customers should really need to do their due diligence and should understand that they cannot buy a unit that is worth around 190,000 plus for Rs. 85000. It is too good too be true. As they say, You Get What You Pay For!

Those who are really looking for the best inverter ac in Pakistan and don’t have budget constraints as such should definitely consider O General Inverter AC. Although the warranty is not great but considering the after-sales service in Pakistan, customers really don’t have many options, especially when buying very high-end products like O General or Daikin. However, the Return on Investment in these units definitely is a plus point and is something that we can very strongly recommend.

Our Recommendation:

Buy Now: O General 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: O General 2 Ton Inverter AC

Buy Now: O General 2.5 Ton Inverter AC 



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  2. Why didn’t you add Kenwood KES-1220s (1 ton) in the review? It is (as stated on website) a 7 star EER 4.0 AC.

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